Trendsetting accents inspired by nature with a balance of color and shape that will stimulate the senses. Shop for home fragrance, decor, textiles and tabletop designs. Every item is crafted with care to make an impression that lasts a lifetime.

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"Karima" 11.25" Tall S.

Tortoise Tumbler, Saha.

"Caspian" 46.5" Tall W.

"Cadence" 6.5" Tall Bo.

"Morgana" 4.5" Tall Co.

12" Long Coral Shadow .

"Regale" 7-Piece Tequi.

"Palermo" 26.5" Tall I.

"Bahama" 9" Tall Cane .

"Porto" 9" Tall Glass .

"Trocadero" 10" Tall H.

"Oslo" 16" Tall Brass .

 About Zodax

Zodax is an industry and trend leader. Our design philosophy is founded on a basic respect for nature’s ability to balance color, shape, and stimulate the senses. Whether it be Home Fragrance, Décor, Tabletop, Textiles, or Entertaining, each one of our items is crafted with the care, quality, and attention to detail that separates us from the competition.
Our mission is to create looks and collections that are fashion forward, value driven and look amazing in the home.


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