Drop Shipping 101- Avoid the Common Mistakes and Dropship Scams

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drop ship

Before you decide where to get products to sell on your eCommerce site, find out what you are really getting yourself into! Do you think top 500 eCommerce sites buy lists, pay memberships or deal with middleman distributors? NO! Then why should you? eCommerce & Drop Shipping expert Steven J. Husak gives some key pointers regarding selecting your suppliers and watching out for scams that take advantage of new online entrepreneurs.

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Why aren’t more small and mid-size retailers using the  on-demand business model?

On demand business model

While store-based retailing grew an anemic 1.4% in 2008, the 500 largest on-line retailers grew 11.7% in 2008.This is even after factoring in that eBay reporting that U.S. gross merchandise sales (excluding autos) dropped 7.7% last year to $21.6 billion.

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Opinion: Sales is Profession!

sales is profession

Steve Jobs once said, "It’s not the customer’s job to know what they want."

And he was absolutely correct.

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Internet Retailer: Dick's Hints That Online Profits Will Exceed Brick & Mortar By 2017!

Shopping online

Well, that isn't very surprising, especially for retailers utilizing drop shipping to offer greatly expanded offerings! Here is the rest of the story...

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