Become Product Partner

Think you’re not ready for online sales? Think again.

Continents Apart Lifestyles makes selling your products to major online retailers easy and hassle-free. Say goodbye to the headaches of learning complicated sales platforms. Become a Continents Apart Product Partner and spend your days filling orders, not spreadsheets!

No Software

Nothing to install. Nothing to learn. We handle all the technical work for you.

One And Done

Provide your product information ONCE and gain access to dozens of online stores.

Fully Managed

We don’t just list your products. We consistently sell, manage, and promote them.

No Upfront Fees

You pay when you get payed for the products you sell. Period.

No Hidden Fees

You pay a flat commission on each sale. That’s it.

Improved Margins

We leverage our relationships with retailers to get you a better deal.

Why become a Continents Apart Product Partner?

To sell more stuff with almost no effort on your part.

Thank goodness we found Continents Apart, “The Drop Ship Reps”. Steven Husak and company have given us great advice and support to boost our online sales. Through the support of the Continents Apart Team, our online sales are up 87% over the previous year. Their help dealing with the individual sellers on a daily basis, frees us up to do what we’re best at, developing new ideas and creating new product. We expect next year’s growth to be even higher.

Michael Stang, VP Of Operations - Trendy Decor 4U

Getting your products listed with online retailers can be a real headache. And managing those listings once they’re up can be a full-time job and then some. Wouldn’t you rather be focused on running your business?

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As your sales representatives we handle everything for you:

  • Price negotiations
  • Listings and product updates
  • Inventory management
  • Product searchability optimization
  • Promotions

We make sure your listings comply with all retailer requirements. We optimize your products for search. And promote them on social media.

Moreover, our established relationships with some of the biggest names in online retailing mean we can get more of your products... in more stores... faster... and with better margins.

Who wouldn’t want that?

There’s just one catch…

We only work with the best.

Our reputation and carefully cultivated relationships with online retailers necessitate that we only represent the most reliable vendors in the category. We will only work with you if you are prepared to provide top-notch service and stand 100% behind your product.

Think you’ve got what it takes? Apply today!