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College Bronze® offers high-end displays and décor that capture the essence of popular collegiate teams in remarkable designs you'll want to display for a lifetime. Sculptor John Craig found inspiration for his style in the art of the ancient world and the monumental architecture he saw at the British Museum in London as a child. His exclusive creations are rooted in the classical tradition of bronze casting and are exclusively his. Handcrafted and highly detailed, each of the original one-of-a-kind pieces can take up to six months to make before they can be produced in quantities required for retail.



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Dawg Nation (CB-UGA-D-3)

Dawg Nation is a very tactile bronze work. Sculpted to symbolize the State of Georgia and the Dawg Nation, this work combines the character of an old weathered barn with the resilience of stone. The whole day through Just an old sweet song


  • Signed stamp by the Artist
  • Cast 3 of 20
  • Shape of the state of Georgia with wood plank and stone textures
  • Cast Bronze
  • HIghly Detailed

Product Specifications

  • Size: 4"x6"x7.5"
  • Weight: 7 lb
  • Color: Bronze
  • Material: Bronze
  • Assembly Required: No

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