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We create grocery and beach bags that are Earth friendly throughout their entire product life cycle. While the Jute fiber is growing, it improves the soil and air, the bags have a long purposeful life and then return to the soil. No resources are depleted, no garbage is created. We have mimicked Earth’s natural cycle, like a blossom that falls from a tree and returns to the soil to nourish the tree..

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Large Jute Aspens Grocery/Shopping Tote Bag in 3-Pack (BO-6ZP1-FF9T)

Stardust grocery bags can hold as much as 3 plastic bags and can hold over 100 pounds. They are durable and long lasting, but when they eventually wear out they can be put in a compost pile and will biodegrade in 9 weeks. Stardust bags are more sustainable than hemp and stronger than canvas. They are safe for nature, sea life and humans.


  • Large
  • Fold easily
  • Flat bottom
  • Heavy duty
  • Washable
  • Wide comfortable handles

Product Specifications

  • Size: 13"x9"x14"
  • Weight: 1.5 lb
  • Color: Multi
  • Material: Jute/Cotton
  • Assembly Required: No

Ships in 2 days

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 About Stardust Sustainables

Every Stardust Natural Fiber Bag eliminates the need for thousands of single use plastic bags and we have already kept forty million bags out of our landscape and oceans. Thanks to you, we are well on the way to restoring the beauty and health of our planet.


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