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The thermally-modified wood becomes more and more popular in the US and its beautiful products shows all the possible varieties of thermo wood applications. Wood Art Company uses thermally-treated wood to produce a line of consumer products such as Roll Floors, Planters, Wall Art Products and much more. .

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Set Of Samples Of 10 Colors 5 In. X 8 In. Therma Wall Planks (11350)

Set of 10 samples for thermo-treated wood wall planks. The thermo-treatment process accelerates the aging of wood to make it similar to 350-year-old lumber. The process eliminates all moisture, resins, sugars, organisms, and bacteria in the wood. In opposite to reclaimed lumber, which was staying outdoors for decades, our product is free of any insects and bacteria. Bringing reclaimed outdoor lumber to your home is not safe: you’ll bring all chemicals and insects with this. The thermo-modified wood is pure, and it is a 100% Green product! Our planks are perfectly milled, plus thermo-treatment adds dimension stability for the wood. The product is domestically made from American lumber. Our home decor wall planks are great for both residential and commercial applications such as accent walls, wainscoting, wall tiles, ceilings, wall art, headboards, underbars, upgrades for furniture and doors, and many others. Every piece is manually selected to combine our sets for the best look and performance. The planks are wire brushed to eliminate splinters and create a 3D textured surface. Thermo-treatment makes wood essentially durable: you may use our planks in high humidity environments, such as bathrooms, kitchens, basements, pool areas and light backsplash areas. Our wood will not rot or create mold. DIY installation kit included in each box (fasteners and one pre-cut starter/end plank). See installation instructions for details.


  • Contemporary
  • No chemicals, bacteria or insects in the wood - 100% Green, pure and safe product
  • Bring a real 350-year-old lumber in your house!
  • DIY installation: finishing nails included, plus we pre-cut one board in each set to make starter/end planks for no-cut smooth installation
  • Thermally-treated wood has improved fire rating (Class B)
  • Wall planks are lightweight (approximately 0.6 lbs. per sq. ft.)
  • Install planks with a hair gap to allow wood to "breathe"

Product Specifications

  • Size: 8"x5"x0.25"
  • Weight: 1 lb
  • Color: Multi
  • Material: Wood
  • Bulb base:Samples available
  • Assembly Required: No
  • Warranty:25 Years

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 About Wood Art Products

The Wood Art Company is a part of Westwood Timber Group, the developer of one of five world technologies for thermo-modification of wood. Thermally-modified wood is a Green alternative for pressure-treated lumber. Westwood started this industry in the US in 2007 installing the first thermo-modification chamber in the US. Now thermally-modified lumber is widely available at the US market and used in thousands of projects around the country.


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