Scent infused recycled paper aroma reeds eliminate the mess and frustration of liquid reed fragrance diffusers

A4310 LS

Aroma43 has launched the latest innovation in home fragrance. The aroma43 recycled paper aroma reed revolutionizes the reed diffuser with eco technology that delivers great fragrance while eliminating the frustration and mess of liquid based fragrance reed diffusers.

“We are thrilled to introduce the aroma43 recycled paper aroma reeds into the gift store home fragrance market as a true innovation to the category” said Eric Albee of aroma43.


Our new reeds solve the two main consumer complaints with traditional reed diffusers – the liquid, and performance – giving users the confidence of a strong, consistent aroma in their home, while also eliminating the need to flip reeds, and providing the ability to mix fragrance combinations as the user desires.”

The aroma43 recycled paper aroma reeds feature a signature collection of 15 artisan crafted scents, with all fragrances infused directly into the reeds. Only pure fragrance is used with nothing to dilute the aromas. The artisanal crafted fragrances are all complex and multi layered with top notes, mid ranges, and base notes that are as deep and complex as a fine wine. The fragrance collection includes Rhubarb Flower, River Moss, Sea Salt Caramel, and Beach Driftwood among others. The unique recycled paper reeds were especially designed to hold a robust amount of fragrance oil and release it into the air over a 30-40 day period.

The aroma43 recycled paper aroma reeds join the aroma43 collection of artisan crafted U.S. made products that include hand poured soy wax candles and Odor Thingies! odor eliminators. The aroma43 products can be found online at https://continentsapart.com/catalogs/aroma43, at select retailers, and are available for wholesale.

aroma43 is an artisanal, indie, luxury home fragrance brand focused on hand crafted and complex fragrances, delivered in innovative ways to give an amazing fragrance experience with the purest possible rendition of the aromas. Based in Fort Lauderdale, FL, aroma43 is reinventing the home fragrance category with artisanal fragrances combined with the latest in fragrance delivery technology in its aroma reeds and other products.

Continents Apart is the exclusive representative for aroma43 for eCommerce retailers. Find us at https://continentsapart.com/

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