Decorating your home with art has never been more convenient or affordable. Turn a drab area into a cozy nook with individual images or designer created “vignettes”— decorative groupings of framed prints that bring a room to life. Perfect for your bath, kitchen, bedroom, or family areas, Trendy Decor4U has stylish artwork to fit any space.

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"At the Lake" By Laure.

"Music" By Billy Jacob.

"Summer Days" By Billy.

"Family Kids Rules" Co.

"A Casual Conversation.

"I'll Be Watching You".

"Christmas Trees for S.

"Winter Porch" By Bill.

"Family Rules Shutter".

"Kitchen" Collection B.

"Blessings and Prosper.

 About Trendy Decor 4U

Trendy Decor4U is a woman-owned business based in Michigan. They are known for the “Deco Print”, a proprietary format size that is particularly useful in real life situations. In a highly competitive marketplace, the design team at TrendyDecor4U strives to create quality products at a reasonable price. TrendyDecor4U is also known for their “vignettes” or decorative groupings of framed prints that give the end customer a quick and easy way to turn any area from drab to cozy. Their design team produces vignettes to decorate and transform bath, kitchen, bedroom and family common areas. With TrendyDecor4U decorating with art is fun, easy and economical.


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