We are so much more than sales reps...

What we do

We represent manufacturers, importers, and wholesalers of products for the home like furniture, rugs, art, lighting, gifts, and home accessories.

We help our partners sell their products to major online retailers.

Our retail partners include Wayfair, Home Depot, Overstock and Amazon (among the others) utilizing a drop shipping supply model. But we go WAY beyond sales. We partner with our vendors to provide a level of service you won’t find anywhere else in the industry!

We support you by taking the most burdensome aspects of listing and managing your products off your hands. We use our expertise to help you to sell more stuff, at higher margins, with less effort.

...Oh, and retailers love us, too, because we save you a TON of time, effort, and stress.


Where we come from

“If I gave you a Blackberry would you know what to do with it?”

The year was 2009, the economy had gone bust, and our founder, Steven Husak, had been laid off courtesy of a three-way merger.

After 30+ years in the furniture and decor business, being involved in e-commerce since the beginning (we’re talking 1999), and having started or turned around multiple successful companies, Steven apparently had developed too many grey hairs and laugh lines to be taken seriously by hiring managers at certain tech-oriented companies (who shall remain nameless). He actually was asked that ridiculous question about using a Blackberry!

Undeterred, Steven struck out on his own and founded (yet another) successful company: Continents Apart Lifestyles.


What we believe

“Help somebody achieve their goals and you will have a client—and a friend—for life.” Steven J. Husak, CEO

We believe our partners’ success is our own so we go above and beyond to help your business grow.

We believe drop shipping is the supply-chain model of the future so that’s where we focus our business. We provide free consultancy to help our partners capitalize on this fast-growing retail channel.

And we believe in long-term relationships fostered by integrity and mutual respect so we only partner with vendors and retailers who share these core values.


Who We Are

Steven Husak- Our founder and CEO. No one works harder and we’re not entirely sure if he ever sleeps. With optimism and a great sense of humor, Steven mentors a team dedicated to the success of every Continents Apart partner. Steven's belief is that CEO is not a title, it is a philosophy and his love of his work extends to his team of 'internal customers' as well as product partners and retail partners. Because he is passionate about helping others, Steven is also the founder of the Successful Professionals Alliance Network(SPAN) and has organized dozens of fund raising events for local, regional and national charities. He is also passionate about his twin daughters, Rachel and Jacklynn, baseball and his dog, Bentley.

Sasha Alexander - You’ll like Sasha... everybody does. Our veteran IT specialist has over 20 years experience on 3 continents. He is a calm, kind and warm colleague whose vital role is keeping all our tech up and running. A proud father of two, Sasha loves food, online shopping, and cycling.

Juvelyn Oniot, Product Data Analyst - With more than eleven years as an administrator at a pharmaceutical company, Juvy has developed a unique ability to deal with any situation in a calm and professional manner. Along with her educational background in teaching she developed an amazing and smoothly transferrable skill set for eCommerce and customer service working in sales and as an accounting assistant. Motivated by self-improvement and growth, Juvy works hard so she can spend great quality time with her family.

Laura Husak, Director Of Office Administration - Laura Ann brings a wealth of experience in marketing for national, well-known companies along with a unique talent for simplifying and organizing complicated administrative processes and growing relationships with vendors and retailers alike while supporting the entire Senior Management team at Continents Apart.

Ivan Simic -Backed by over ten years of experience in legal services. Ivan assists our CEO with administrative and legal support to ensure that the CEO and his team are prepared for ever changing schedule and meeting requirements. When he's not at work he enjoys being outdoors, listening to music, home renovation and gardening.

Dunja Curcic - A valued member of our marketing and PR team, Dunja is a shooting star if there ever was one. She started out as an intern with us but showed tremendous aptitude in just a matter of weeks (if not days). Smart and savvy, Dunja speaks 5 languages, is studying for her Master’s degree at Politecnico di Milano, has a dog, and loves to travel.

Shiela Yuboc, Junior Product Data Analyst - Brings over five years of in-depth experience in data analysis, customer relations, and social media management. She has a great interest in numbers and believes that if proper procedure is conducted, numbers could create an interesting storyline. She's resourceful and a great team player. She believes that a blessing received should be shared. She is a patron for Advocacy Organizations specifically in sponsoring children.

Rio Permito, Support Team Manager - Rio is the senior-most team member at Continents Apart, serving as the liaison between IT and Operations teams to assure that IT supports the company's operational needs. With years of experience in purchasing support, Rio also serves as an exceptional account services representative. She has traveled abroad to visit suppliers and their factories and puts that experience to use every day assisting our internal and external partners. As a mother of four, Rio enjoys spending down time with her family.

Hannah Briggs - A customer service professional who lends a helping hand wherever it’s needed. Hannah jumps in to support our team on client projects large and small. She loves dancing and singing and speaks 3 languages.

Clyd Ara, Junior Product Data Analyst - is the youngest member of the team. She is a fast learner, loves challenges, and is eager to learn new things. As an introvert, Clyd enjoys working online and has been doing so for two years now. She loves to work from home because she doesn't have to go out and can be with her family 24/7.

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