WOODEN Germany stands for “light in a new quality”. We at WOODEN Germany want to offer people more quality of life through good light. From high-quality materials and precise craftsmanship, we form luminous works of art made of real wood in Bremen (Germany).

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 About WOODEN Germany

Behind the company WOODEN Germany stands the designer and founder Genrih Missal. He has shaped the now multifaceted collection with his own style. During his time as a development manager at a renowned architectural and street lighting company, he sparked his enthusiasm for veneer lights. Fascinated by the warm light of the translucent wood, his urge arose to construct an improved version of this lamp. After six months he had finally developed a veneer lamp after his initial idea. In the development of the lamps, properties such as longevity and real wood design of the luminaire were important. So the idea arose to protect the wood behind a layer of glass via an innovative lamination process, which he has applied for a patent. The lamination of wood behind glass makes the veneer lamp weatherproof and resistant to cracks of the veneer even with high-temperature fluctuations. The interior of the lights is equipped with the latest LED technology to make them compatible for smart home applications. Since then Genrih has further developed the idea of combining wood and glass. Today, this process allows us to use illuminated wood in a variety of applications and to create the extraordinary.